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Through training in the martial arts, you will find that it isn't just a hobby... it is a lifestyle. The martial arts lifestyle focuses on pushing you towards your full potential. We focus not only on your martial arts skill but on making you feel empowered not just in the dojo but in life.


Our programs are designed to focus on every individual's personal growth and their achievements.


Little Dragons: Ages 4-6 years old


All lessons are focused on positive reinforcement, basic martial arts skills, manners, sportsmanship, bully defense and respect while building their self esteem and confidence. Another main component of our Little Dragon program is that children will learn healthy habits. It is very important to us to instill the importance of a healthy lifestyle to the children in our community. Not just so they understand it but so it becomes a lifelong passion for them. Class length: 30 minutes. 




Juniors: Ages 6-12 years old


Our Junior Program focuses on our martial arts core values. We believe that the earlier we can instill these values in our children, the more likely they will become respectful, balanced and healthy adults both mentally and physically.

We promote non-violent resolutions to conflict. Yet, we strongly believe a child must develop the skills and ability to defend themselves and understand right from wrong. Students will develop greater confidence and self-discipline as they learn how to act and respond to the world around them. Our young students are treated with respect and are taught to demonstrate the same respect towards others. We believe in praise and encouragement and positive reinforcement. 

Junior Martial Arts
Adult Program: 13 and up 


Perfect for all ages and stages of life, Phoenix Martial Arts will advance your understanding of martial arts and self-defense techniques while delivering an exceptional workout in the process.  It’s challenging, rewarding and a lot of fun! What do you have to lose? Benefits you may see from our program:

-Improved physical fitness

-Stress relief

-Self defense

-Self esteem and confidence


-Strength & conditioning

KickFIT provides a full body workout that wrings the most out of 45 minutes. It is fun and you will work hard. Classes are open level for women and men and able to be modified to fit almost every fitness level from beginner to advanced. KickFIT is a great alternative for those looking for a change from ordinary gym routines. We blend kickboxing drills with cardio drills, isometrics, plyometrics and circuit training. Every class is different so you never get bored.

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Jiu Jitsu: Adults

Jiu Jitsu is the martial art that is specific to situations when you and your opponent are on the ground or in close quarters. Jiu jitsu focuses on using body mechanics to ‘submit’ your opponent, rather than strength, through chokes, holds, and joint manipulation.

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