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Can you believe it's been 10 incredible years since Phoenix Martial Arts opened its doors? We're beyond grateful for the amazing community support that has fueled a decade of growth, learning, and achievements. To express our gratitude and celebrate this milestone, we've crafted a special offer just for you!


🎁 Anniversary Special: $10 for 10 Days of Training! 🥋

To share our appreciation, we're inviting new members to experience training with an exclusive 10-day training package for just $10! That's right— something we have NEVER done before! Choose any program that resonates with you and your goals. Little Champions for ages 4-6, Junior Martial Arts for ages 7-12, Adult Martial Arts for ages 13+ or kick up your strength and conditioning in KickFIT for ages 14+. 


Schedule of classes are below: 

Little Champions:

    *Monday 4:30 pm

    *Tuesday 5:00 pm

    *Wednesday 4:30 pm

    *Thursday 5:00 pm

    *Friday 5:00 pm

Junior Martial Arts:

    *Monday 5:00 pm

    *Tuesday 6:15 pm

    *Wednesday 5:00 pm

    *Thursday 6:15 pm

    *Friday 4:30 pm

Adult Martial Arts:

    *Monday 7:45 pm

    *Tuesday 7:30 pm

    *Thursday 7:30 pm

    *Friday 7:00 pm


    *Monday 5:30 pm

    *Tuesday 9:15 am & 6:45 pm 

    *Thursday 9:15 am & 6:45 pm

    *Friday 6:15 pm


Terms and Conditions:

  • Offer valid for new members only.
  • Limit one offer per person.
  • Last day to claim offer is on January 31, 2024.


Anniversary Special! $10 for 10 days!

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