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2023 90 Day Fitness Challenge Registration starts FRIDAY 11/25! 


Tried of the yo-yo of fitness trends? Trying one thing that will work for a while until it doesn't then you are on to the next? 


At the dojo, we don't focus on quick fixes or trends. We focus on creating a LIFE of HEALTH, FITNESS & MINDFULNESS! Something that is sustainable for the long term. The 90 Day Fitness Challenge is designed to get you on the right track towards creating a healthy lifestyle with the kick in the butt that we all sometimes need. Surrounded by a team of like minded individuals, you are sure to push yourself to create habits that you can carry with you throughout all of 2023!


The classes will make you SWEAT for sure & kick 2023 started off strong! Spaces filled up last year with a waitlist so be sure to register starting 11/25 in the dojo or online at


Join the challenge & see how you will RISE to your best self in 2023! 

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